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企業 | 聯系我們 | 阿里巴巴誠信通

2023年阿根廷消費電子展-2023 Electronics Home in Argentina



?編輯日期:2023-07-19           Editing date: 2023-07-19


  2023年7月17-19日,阿根廷國際消費類電子及家用電器展覽會(Electronics Home)在阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯舉行,該展會是巴西eletrolar集團與阿根廷電子家電協會、法蘭克福阿根廷公司合作舉辦的電子家電行業B2B專業展。

  Electronics Home was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 17th to 19th,July ,2023.The exhibition is a professional B2B exhibition for the electronic home appliance industry organized by the Brazilian eletrolar Group in cooperation with the Argentine Electronic Home Appliances Association and the Argentine Frankfurt Company.

  新諾的同事們在參加完巴西圣保羅國際消費類電子及家電博覽會(Electrolar Show)后,馬不停蹄地飛赴阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯參加這次的展會。在展會上,新諾公司帶去了十幾款咖啡機新產品,其中首創的GIOIA全自動爆米花機和全新設計的AURORA自動售賣磨咖啡機,受到了阿根廷新老客戶的青睞。

  After Electrolar Show,Sapoe non-stop to fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina to participate in this exhibition.Sapoe shows more than ten coffee machine products at the exhibition,and the GIOIA full automatic popcorn machine and the brand new developed AURORA full-automatic coffee vending machine are populared by new and old customers in Argentina.


  Sapoe products have been well-known in the South American market for more than ten years. They are full of praise for the innovative technology and stable quality of our products whether they are local customers in Argentina or customers from other South American countries.


  As the leader in the industry, Sapoe always adheres to the spirit of product innovation and customer first. our products are sold in more than 65 countries and regions around the world, providing them with perfect solutions for various drinks.